Farmers Cheese from Scratch

Monday, March 23, 2015

Y'all, I am such a huge fan of wine and cheese!  I love trying new wines and pairing them with unique cheeses while socializing with friends.. And one of my favorite things to do is entertain my friends with wine and cheese!
I was on my main etsy feed, and a make your own cheese kit popped up.. What?!  Why haven't I thought of this brilliant idea before?!  I searched the varieties, read the reviews and decided on the farmers cheese.. From the description, it seemed like it might be the most forgiving if I messed up and needed to add extra ingredients to make it into a spread..
I highly recommend this seller, Urban Cheesecraft.. My package came quickly, and the instructions were easy to follow.. I will be making more in my future!

Here is the cute little box and the things that came in it minus the instruction pamphlet.

This is what the curds and whey look like while they are cooking.

After cooking the curds, I drained them in the provided cheesecloth.

After draining, I added the provided cheese salt, and it was delicious!  The seller gave a few ideas of variations and things to add so I picked up some store bought pesto and added that.  Oh my goodness!!!  It was delicious!!!  I think she recommended 2 tablespoons, and I used closer to 4.. After mixing it in, I put the cheese back into the cloth to 'ball it up' for serving..

And here it is ready to serve!  The kit makes several batches so I will get to make more soon!  And I can't wait to try to mozzarella one!  

Cheers, y'all!