New Year's Eve Romantic Dinner for Two.. Fancy on the Cheap

Sunday, January 4, 2015

My husband and I love a good night out with friends, but on New Year's Eve, we'd rather stay home.. It's safer, we can spend quality time together and we can indulge in a really nice bottle of wine.

I try to make our special occasion dinners at home a little more festive..  I cook a lot so if it's a holiday, I like to make it stand out a little more.  However, I don't like to go all out and buy lots of fancy stuff so I try to get creative and use what I've got and only buy flowers and maybe one or two other things..

To make it extra special on the cheap, I did a burlap runner which I had because I stock pile burlap in my craft closet.. You never know when you'll need that stuff, right?  I used our silver chargers and regular plates that we usually use and added our nice napkins that I only bring on on occasion..  I printed out a little print that said "Cheers", wrapped silver washi tape to the napkin to make a shiny napkin ring, and I used a mini clothes pin I dressed in glitter to attached my print to the napkin..  I also did the same with the champagne flutes with a sign that said "pop fizz clink" and put pearl white gumballs in those until it was time to serve the champagne.  My centerpiece was hydrangea flowers from Market Street at 3 bundles for $12, and the vase was half off at Hobby Lobby.. The other crystal vases I already had..  I used silver votive candles that were on sale after Christmas, and I printed up a pretty menu and framed it to complete the 'fancy' dinner.. I had everything on hand except for the vase, flowers, mini clothespins, gumballs, and the little print ups I made.. I don't consider that too much to buy to make a special, memorable night at home..

Happy Celebrating, y'all!
Emyli xo


  1. So pretty. We did an early movie and home too! Crazies can be out after midnight.

    1. Yes! Better to stay home with the one you love!