Fake it til you make it Truffle Popcorn

Monday, December 22, 2014

I die for truffle oil. It is seriously the most heavenly taste in the entire world.  I had it for the first time in Venice, Italy on our honeymoon.  You can read about that here.  I instantly fell in love with the flavor- the richness, the uniqueness, the oh so goodness!  The bad news is truffles are pricey!!!! Lucky for all of us, Trader Joes makes a truffle flavored olive oil for about $5.  What?!  Y'all, it tastes like the real deal too!  I had to snag it up to see what I could come up with.... Fake it til you make it tuffle popcorn!

The star ingredient!

I just pulled things from my fridge and pantry that I thought might taste yummy with truffle popcorn.  I mixed it all up, and it turned out fab!  It was especially yummy with red wine. 

Fake it til You Make it Truffle Popcorn
1.5 tbsn Trader Joes Black Truffle Olive Oil
1 bag of Skinny Girl Popcorn (sea salt and butter flavor)
4-6 springs of fresh thyme
Cracked Black Pepper
Shredded Parmesan

Make the popcorn as directed on the package.  In a small bowl, mix olive oil, a tablespoon of cheese, black pepper and thyme.  After the popcorn is done, put it into a large bowl and slowly pour your mixture over the popped corn.  I divided mine into two cereal bowls and topped with a little more thyme, pepper and cheese.

Emyli xo


  1. Merry Christmas Emyli and can't wait to see what the New Year brings!

    1. Thank you!!! Merry Christmas!!! I have enjoyed your countdown :) xo

  2. Eeeekk! I got some truffle oil as a Christmas gift and can not wait to use it!! I've got all these ingredients on hand. Making some just in time to finish the game! Thanks!

    1. Oh yay!!! Let me know how you like it!!!

  3. Ok so I just noticed we have a similar title on our posts and I swear I didn't copy lol! BTW I love truffle too. Seriously probably my favorite things and we made some truffle popcorn for our gender reveal and it was such a hit!


    1. Haha you little copycat! Just kidding!!!!!! I'm obsessed with truffle! Hope you're having a fab weekend! xoxox